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BMW High End Parts

Your BMW is extremely well tuned in the factory but there are a number of BMW High End parts including BMW cold air intakes, BMW ECU software tuning, BMW aftermarket exhausts plus much more to improve power. This information will discuss a variety of models and also the upgrades that generally work nicely in it. If you would like more details regarding your specific model and also the upgrades readily available for it, we advise studying our other articles.

BMW Cold Air Intakes

The factory BMW intake system is made to reduce noise and emissions which constricts ventilation and reduces output. aFe Power offers BMW cold air intake systems such as the Dual Cone Intake for that 335i which will offer better flow and gratifaction. Additionally, the aFe Pro5R and Pro Dry S substitute filters are for sale to the factory BMW intake system or even the aFe cold air intake system. These are created to be lifetime filters which will last longer than the automobile and could be cleaned and reoiled using the incorporated aFe recharger package.

Additionally, aFe Power offers scoops and ram intake housings which will maximize ventilation in to the factory BMW intake system to make sure proper output and ventilation.

BMW ECU Software

The factory BMW ECU software programs are designed for various manufacturing needs including emissions. Active Autowerke ECU tuning and Hamburger Motorsports tuning for that 335 allow personalization from the factory software to improve output and maximize BMW performance gains out of your E46 modifications. The Active Autowerke ECU software could be tuned to a particular modifications to benefit from a better aFe cold air intake or Active Autowerke E46 M3 Exhaust system.

BMW Aftermarket Exhausts

BMW Performance offers upgraded exhaust systems for that E46 330Ci along with other mixers will improve seem and flow within the factory system. Additionally, Remus exhausts for BMW, Active Autowerke, Eisenmann and Highline Tuning all offer high finish aftermarket systems that provide different levels of seem output and improved flow.

Scalping strategies are perfect for the discerning enthusiast that desires to improve performance using their stock BMW E92 335i.

BMW Superchargers

The best increase in performance for the E46 M3 may be the VF Engineering supercharger package. This can be a complete supercharger system that is made to produce maximum output without having to sacrifice reliability or durability of the 333HP inline 6. Reaching output well over 600RWHP, the VF Engineering BMW supercharger package may be the ultimate option for the best driving machine.

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