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Ergonomics is a vital matter when designing motorcycles. It is an engineering section involving machinery layout aligning with human comfort. Several studies have shown that this branch can enhance motorcycle designs and motorists’ riding experience and prevent road accidents. 

One of the examples of a motorcycle designed with convenience and ergonomics is the Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle. It aims to make motorcycle riding pleasure for both riders and passengers. The ergonomics of such include seat height and footrest position. Unfortunately, not all motorcycles are akin to Ryvid Anthem. These types of two-wheeled vehicles have numerous styles and layouts available. Nevertheless, unlike Ryvid, it requires motorcycle ergonomics equipment to make it safe and comfortable for the rider.

What are the factors that motorcyclists should consider?

Choosing the correct footrest position is an essential part of motorcycle ergonomics. It affects one’s leg support, especially when riding over bumps. The correct footrest position on a motorcycle can prevent leg fatigue and relieve muscle tension. It also reduces pressure on the tailbone. Fortunately, riders can buy accessories that allow them to control their leg position and make their motorcycle even more comfortable.

Proper seat height is another critical aspect of motorcycle convenience. It should allow the rider to keep one foot flat on the road, especially when cruising along uneven surfaces and confined areas. Many motorcycles are adaptable to lower the seat height to make the bike more relaxed. 

If an individual has ever sat on a motorcycle, they may know how uncomfortable it can be. Some may find the seat too high, too low, too wide, or too short. Depending on a person’s height and inseam, they may have trouble reaching the controls and have difficulty staying comfortable. Ergonomics in motorcycle design is about creating positions that maximize power. Individuals should look at the manufacturer’s specifications when shopping for a motorcycle seat. Motorcycle ergonomic seats should be wide enough for a full-grown adult to sit comfortably without sagging. It should match the individual body’s frame, riding style, and the number of hours a rider typically spends on a seat. A properly adjusted seat width should be narrower in front and wider in the back to keep the knees in proper alignment.

Motorcycle riders should also not overlook motorcycle bash plates. This material is significant because it protects the bike’s underside from any rubbish, like rocks and roots. These debris types can harm the motor and hinder it from a complete operation.

Read the infographic below created and designed by Motorrad Garage to learn more:

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